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Welcome to 'The Groovy Physics Page', a page dedicated to Physics discussions and fun. I am a student in India and have just passed out of school. I had applied to a few universities in the U.S. for studying Physics, however unfortunately they found me unsuitable (the operative words used in the rejection letters were "past accademic record" and "future prospects". These rejections pretty much dashed most of my hopes for studying Physics as an undergrad unless I manage to transfer within the next year or so, however they also gave me the opportunity to choose my teachers and my class to help me learn.

Basically I wrote to a few professors for help (u know to tell me about books, help me out with problems, etc. etc.) and Prof. Leonard Susskind at Stanford agreed to help me out. However over the past years I have found that I learn much faster when I discuss what I learn with other and well when I help other people learn or understand (kind of picked that up while doing computers). This site is basically my attempt at getting me a group people so that I can listen to other people's problems and well discuss mine. Right now it starts out with a few mailing lists and a discussion board (okay its more like an MSN Group but I plan to shift over to a proper board at HostBoard or Voy Forums as soon as possible (they're kind of slow on my current connection).

I would soon start writing down and posting ideas, notes, whatever (soon doesn't mean very soon). If anyone's interested in contributing or helping me out with this whatever of mine you could write to me at I don't promise that the posts will be of any particular level or type since I am unrestricted and well it is equally probable that the posts may discuss some article I read in Nature (one of the few advantages you get when your parents are scientists) or some very basic but interesting concept I read in Feynman, Goldstein, Dirac or some other such book.

I have also started using Groove ( & well if I get a sufficiently large response on this I plan to start a Workspace there on this. It is a huge download, but if you get it I'd be grateful if you add me. My profile name is Aurojit Panda. (I hope this does not imply non-commercial use since I don't have a license. If anyone out there has a problem with this, please contact me and I shall gladly buy a license).

I am also searching for ppl willing to help me maintain and beautify (very necessary) these pages and well if anyone's interested they can mail me. I shall give them approximately the same rights as I have to the site. Neways hope to c ya around.


Aurojit Panda

Ps: I hope colleges don't take this the wrong way since I am still interested in joining a physics program, and ya I require financial and am not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.

(C) 2003 Aurojit Panda