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Hiya, the fact that ur looking at this page probably means that ur bored to death. BTW for those of you who have considered contributing to this site, once I start recieving contributions and offers of help I'll change this to an about us page and give every contributor a page of his own.
As you would have guessed from the front page I am an undergrad student about to start my freshman (first) year, I don't really know where, but hopefully it will be somewhere good. I am not gonna write about any achievments or nething since most of them aren't worth mentioning and well u could download and read my resume.
As for other things I am interested in physics (duh), computer programming and wildlife photography. At the moment I am desprate to transfer into a physics program somewhere outside India, since the chances of my studying physics here are practically zilch (due to a number of factors). I am not a straight A or a very good student, however I do have a few strong subjects and well I am pretty consistent. If ur from a college and are looking at this page, I would probably agree with any evaluation u come up with about my past evaluations, however I do not really let councils or people dictate my future, which is one of the reasons I made this site.
As for personal info, my life isn't really interesting enough to devote a paragraph to it. If for some reason you wish to give me money, you can use Paypals to do so, however be very sure that the money most probably won't be used on this site and will probably go into my college fund or be used for my personal expenses. You are much better off donating money to Code Amber (see below) at least they'd use it for something important.
BTW if neone out there is interested in hiring the services of a really really cheap programmer, electronics guy, robotics guy, some guy to give an idea or something like that, please do drop me a line at

Aurojit Panda (AURELIUS)

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